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Baldwin consistently manufactures filters designed to meet or exceed the quality, performance and supply requirements of original equipment and aftermarket customers.

Clean Air is Essential

An air filter that looks relatively clean may actually be too restrictive. Likewise, a filter that appears to be dirty, may still have thousands of miles or hours of useful life.

Since it is impossible to determine the true condition of an air filter by visual inspection, Baldwin recommends the use of an air restriction gauge, which more accurately measures acceptable restriction levels.

Before disposing of an old air filter, inspect it carefully for problems that may need correcting.

  • Black, powdery coating may indicate the air intake is located too close to the engine exhaust.
  • Dirt on the clean side of the filter element may indicate a dust leak due to the filter not sealing properly or a split in the filter media.
  • Rust on the filter’s metal parts may indicate that water is being drawn in with the air. Check the location of the intake and make sure water-venting ports in the induction system are clean and free of obstructions.

Baldwin does not recommend cleaning air filter elements, as the cleaning process might damage the filter — leading to premature engine failure.



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