Union Tractor is an industry leader in providing quality undercarriage.

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Union Tractor Ltd is the most reliable undercarriage supplier in Western Canada. We are pleased to offer our own brand, Union Tractor Select . Union Tractor Select undercarriage features the high level of reliabilility needed for today’s demanding applications as well as a competitive warranty and service guarantee.

We offer various types of track chains such as SEALED AND LUBRICATED BULLDOZER, SEALED AND GREASED EXCAVATOR WITH PRESS FIT MASTER PINS and SEALED AND GREASED EXCAVATOR WITH SLIP FIT T TYPE MASTER PINS. Track Pads, Sprockets, Rollers and Hardware for all makes and models of heavy equipment are available from our extensive inventory.

We take pride in the Union Tractor Select brand and back it with the same comprehensive warranty as Berco and other market leaders.

  • Same as OEM Guarantee
  • Same as OEM Seals
  • Positive Pin RetentionBerco 03
  • Unmatched Roller Life
  • Union Tractor After-Sales Service

Select Premium Track Chains

Union Tractor offers dependable, high quality track chains

  1. Heat Treatment for link assemblies, pins and bushings
    a. Base Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering
    b. Surface Heat Treatment: Induction Hardening and Carburizing

Heat Treatment is the key process that increases wear resistance in severe working conditions.

Production and quality control comply with ISO 9001 International Standards.

2. Type of steel used in the forging process is LOW ALLOY BORON STEEL.

3. Lubricated link assemblies are manufactured with precision machining and heat treatment under precise production control. Components are assembled on a state-of-the-art track press.       Fully automated vacuum and oil injection machines ensure accurate oil injection.

4. Heavy Duty Track Chains are designed to take heavy work loads for long hours. In order to achieve this, all components are produced with several key steps;

  • Steel is special alloy boron steel
  • in order to achieve tough core hardness, links, pins and bushings are induction hardened
  • This multi-stage heat treatment is a key process that increases product life and achieves superior wear resistance.
  • After heat treatment, correct tempering eliminates any metal stress.
  • Precision machining allows precise assembly
  • Special oil is used to increase internal wear resistance.

For further information please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would be pleased to measure your undercarriage and arrange for a test under any conditions against any brand.

Select Brand Premium Warranty

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*Union Tractor Ltd. is an independent business selling aftermarket parts and accessories for construction and transportation equipment. We are in no way connected with the makers of Cat, Volvo, Komatsu, John Deere and Hitachi original equipment products. All advertised products are for aftermarket use. Reference to names, part numbers and corresponding product details are not intended to imply that any of these parts are products of the original equipment manufacturer.